It's the road

We bid Vancouver a farewell and left on the longest journey of this trip. In one day, we drove from British Columbia to Yellowstone National Park — 1650 km or 17,5 hours. We crossed four states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana and travelled through one time zone border. We drove through heavy rain, thick fog, some sunshine and snow storms; we were stuck in a massive traffic jam and then had passages where we were the only ones on the road. In Toppenish, WA a police patrol pulled us over for speeding. Somehow, after stopping for gas, we got on the wrong road and happened to drive way to fast. Turns out US Officers are extremely polite as the young sheriff would only give us a warning and even explained the way back to the interstate freeway.
Later that night, we arrived at our destination, a little town called West Yellowstone right at the western entrance to the park. As we checked in, the night concierge told us that the national park was closed for several days due to snowfall. It will reopen in several days for ski-doos. That info really put the cherry on top. Turns out we drove all this way and couldn't get into the park. The night was spent in a nice lodge-style apartment with an artificial fireplace and several bottles of wine. Let's see what the next day brings.