If you're going to …

On our fourth day, we headed north along the Monterey Bay. Our destination would be Santa Cruz, a place with divine beaches and amazing waves – 'surfer's paradise' as some travel guides claim. Upon arriving in Santa Cruz, we were welcomed by 10°C, fog and ocean winds. Needless to say, our breakfast on a park bench overseeing the beach was held short. After a quick stroll on the pier, we got back into our cars and drove north to Henry Cowell National Park, home to the famous redwood trees. Obviously, these trees did not approach the height and size of their brothers in Yosemite NP nearly as much as we had hoped, the trail through the wood was an exciting change to one month of hot Orange County nevertheless. 

After some nature impressions it was time to hit some more technology-oriented sites. We visited Apple's mothership in Cupertino, popped by at NASA in Mountain View and biked across Google Campus in Shoreline. The day was topped off with the arrival at our amazing AirBnB apartment in San Francisco. We have the most incredible view of the city from our terrace, the rooms are generous and spacious, and the home-cooked dinner was just the best thing ever.

Henry Cowell National Forest